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Cormac was founded May 13, 1983 by J. Christian Degele.  Over the years it was restructured and reformed several times in order to adjust to changing business climates.  Cormac started primarily as a software house specializing in first purchaser oil and gas accounting automation, operating in Montana and Wyoming.  Eventually, Cormac added on-site automation hardware services to its repertoire.

The first emphasis of geographic expansion was in remote parts of America.  Later, Cormac expanded its geographic area of service to eventually include all 50 states, The Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.  Then, the expansion encompassed all major metropolitan areas withing the geographic coverage.

Christian then transitioned Cormac into a new role of completing government contracts via third parties such as Dell, HP, WangNET and IBM. 

Completing contracts for the Senate, House, Customs and other government agencies has transformed Cormac from its humble beginnings as a software house to a staple in the private sector.

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